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PixEasy is a graphic application which allows you modify the appearance of your pictures by applying special effects. It lets you customize your pictures with the help of a series of tools: red eyes effect remover, image filters, color adjuster, etc.

The installation process consists of several easy steps which don't require any advanced PC knowledge. The installer offers you the opportunity to download and install additional tools which are not required by PixEasy to function.

Besides supporting all popular image formats, this photo editing application offers an easy to use interface. The Main Menu of PixEasy consists of several menu items which help you to import new photos, save the edited ones, perform undo/redo operations and choose the preferred language.

The built-in photo editing tools offered by PixEasy are easy to access as the navigation to a specific one can be quickly performed. Also, you have the possibility to hide the unused tools.

PixEasy is an impressive photo editing tool because it allows you to change the appearance of your pictures by applying effects like sepia, black & white, removing the red eye effect, adjusting the ratios of red, green and blue colors and rotating to the left/right. Multiple photo filters can change significantly the aspect of your photos. For example, if you want to highlight the pure colors of your pictures, you can apply the Saturate filter. In opposition to Saturate filter, you can create more interesting black & white versions of your images by applying the Black and White effect.

Another important photo editing tool is the Red Eyes effect remover. Only 2 steps are enough to completely remove the red-eye effects from your pictures. Select the face in the photo and then click the "Apply" button. That's it.

PixEasy is a creative photo editing tool which lets you personalize your photos by changing their appearance, without the need of any special application.

Josephine Seaman
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